Brush Brush!

I’m turning into the smartest little man ever!

I absolutely love brushing my teeth with mummy and especially love the taste of my toothpaste (despite being told repeatedly to spit it out). Haven’t quite got the hang of that bit yet! My hair still isn’t growing on the top of my head, so i’m heading towards a mild mullet at the moment. It will be time to get it cut soon because I will look absolutely ridiculous with a pony tail.

A few new updates for my lovely followers;
-I can now clap my hands
-I have 6 teeth and plenty more to come
-I can say several words. My favourites being, Car, mumma, dadda, juice, nanna, hiya.
-I’m an incredible dancer (really…INCREDIBLE!)
-I am obsessed with anything car related.
-I am a huuuuuge eater and absolutely love my food.
-I give great smoochy wet kisses and can now blow ‘kisses’.
-I thoroughly enjoy climbing to great heights. My latest accomplishment is onto the kitchen table.
-My favourite books involve those with animals in them.
-Dogs are life. I love them soooo much.


Great Great Grandad

15645672_10207682818569209_400914788_n.jpgSo, with the run up to Christmas, it was necessary that we visited as many family members as possible. We took a trip to Portsmouth to visit one of my great grandads, then Cardiff for another and finally back to Pembrokeshire for the final great grandad. Following all three visits, we then took a trip to the nursing home where mummy works to visit my Great Great Grandad. I enjoyed sharing my chocolates with Grandpops, although he got a little greedy. The elderly people in the home absolutely love me, its fab! I get plenty of attention and lots of smiles from them. They all light up when I come and visit which is lovely to be a part of.

I’ve been busy wrapping some presents for my friends at the Childminder’s this week, I hope they like them! I’ve just got to finish writing the cards now, and then I’m all finished.

Christmas is coming…


So, last night we put up the first of the Christmas decorations. Despite not having a clue what Christmas is all about as a one year old; I’m definitely enjoying the baubles and lights on the tree. Mummy and daddy have been playing Christmas songs in the morning while I eat my breakfast and I’ve been dancing along to those too. It’s a very exciting time of year, but very cold too! We took a trip to Folly Farm last weekend and I wanted to stay snuggled up in my pushchair the whole time, it was super chilly.

I’ve cut a few more teeth since the last time I blogged and now I can bite into a nice mince pie with ease. I’m also learning how to test boundaries and learning how to express my needs. If I’m hungry I’ll walk to my chair in the kitchen and shout until I get food (it works every time!). If I’m sleepy, I’ll snuggle mummy before walking to the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. Another big development lately, is that my hand-eye co-ordination is getting a lot better. I can now use simple shape sorters and stack cups etc. Exciting times ahead!

Out and about


We’re so very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country. We’re just a short drive away from some lovely beaches, forests and endless countryside. This was the first time I visited the beach without being asleep in my pram and I’m not quite sure what I thought of it. Despite the windiness, I think it was pretty fun. Mum and dad had to pick me up off the sand numerous times because I simply hadn’t managed to conquer the whole ‘walking on sand’ malarkey. I also went on a little trip in the sand and face planted the floor, resulting in a fat lip and a bleeding gum (oh, and a mouthful of sand of course). Regardless of the weather and my inability to walk properly, it was an enjoyable experience. Next time I think mummy will think twice about bringing my pushchair though, I’m pretty hard work.

My cake!


I totally forgot to tell you guys about my cake. Look at how amazing my jungle theme cake was! My great auntie Hannah made this fabulous cake for me and my friends. I can’t get over how amazing it turned out! Thankyou very much x

My 1st Birthday!


On November the 1st I turned into a one year old!
Party planning started a good month ago, just to make sure that everything was as perfect as it could be. We decided on a party at a local soft play centre called ‘The Lions Den’. The first step was to decide who would be invited to my party and how many people I should invite. After comprising a list of about 12 children, we wrote out some invitations and delivered them. We then decided on the food and time of our party; we went with cold nibble food and a 10am start, bright and early! The next big thing was to find a swanky outfit to wear to my own party, after all, I couldn’t let anybody out dress me. I settled on a shirt and waistcoat number with a little bow-tie! The party bags were left up to mummy and daddy to sort out because I had no idea what to put in those! Then the waiting game…

I had an amazing day with all of my friends and family. Even my childminder came to wish me a happy birthday! Everybody had eaten lots of food and played until they were ready to drop (for a nap of course). When I got home, mummy and daddy let me open some of my presents from everybody; and oh my gosh had I been spoilt! I had soooo many new toys to play with that mummy and daddy had to take some of my old toys to my room and give some away. I’d just like to say thank-you to everybody for making it such a special day for me. 🙂



It’s been a While


Firstly, a big apology for not posting on my blog for such a long time! We have been so so busy lately and i’m keeping mummy and daddy on their toes.

Since I last posted, I have started walking, and oh my gosh it’s amazing. I’m so free! I’ve been walking for several weeks now so i’m pretty confident and love being outdoors now that I can walk. When I started walking, mummy and daddy took me to Clark’s to get my first pair of real shoes. They decided on a pair of cruisers which would be a little more flexible and comfortable for my little feet. We also bought a little rucksack with reins attached so that I could roam wherever I wanted (within reason of course). I’m picking up on things pretty quickly and am now attempting to jump…


Big boy now 

After 10 months of joining you guys in the real world, I have finally cut my first tooth. Also, I’ve started walking!!! 

I’ve been taking some of my first solely independent steps, oh how magical! Mummy and daddy are so incredibly proud of me. I’m still as smiley as I’ve always been, I also still really love food. Teething is hitting me like a tonne of bricks though; it’s sooo painful! 

As for this walking business, it’s a breeze!! 

Folly Farmer!


Yesterday, lots of my mum’s family met up and we took a trip to Folly Farm to see all the lovely animals and visit the vintage funfair. We had such a lovely day out and I was absolutely shattered by the time we got home that evening. My great great auntie had travelled down from Brighton this weekend to visit everybody too; so we had to make a quick stop to see her before heading straight home to bed. I chowed down on some of mums cheeseburger along with some raisins and a lollipop for lunch. Can’t wait to go again!

Sneaky naps


Mummy had a day off work so we decided to have a total lazy PJ day and hangout in the living room together. After a few hours of playing, reading and eating snacks mummy and me had a snuggle and I fell straight asleep.